curriculum of civil

The Civil Engineering curriculum prepares the student for professional work in Engineering by employing their knowledge of building materials, building design, quality control, construction methods, and surveying as well as other areas like applied science,environment, mathematics, management and business communication.

The Department of Civil Engineering is highly committed to provide a foundation so that graduates will meet the objectives of varying demands of the workforce in the technological arena and they will be prepared for the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Academic Year 2018-2019


   Teaching Scheme

Semester 1

   Civil Engineering Sem 1 Syllabus

Semester 2

   Civil Engineering Sem 2 Syllabus

Semester 3

   Civil Engineering Sem 3 Syllabus

Semester 4

   Civil Engineering Sem 4 Syllabus

Semester 5

   Civil Engineering Sem 5 Syllabus

Semester 6

   Civil Engineering Sem 6 Syllabus
Syllabus Last Updated : 27-12-2023